Our reputation for quality and innovation is intentional. Our customers demand it.


Euronete focus on innovation and quality with people we employ.


Quality means to us that we have to supply the best products and be the leader in Researching and Developing of new materials and applications.


The ISO9001 certification is a key instrument to control the processes at work, seek continuous improvement, promote increased customer satisfaction and seek, always, development and satisfaction of employees. Our Quality Management System includes all activities of the Company.


With the Quality Management System, Euronete intends to: 


  • Provide objective evidence that the desired quality was achieved 
  • Prioritize prevention activities
  • Ensure compliance with the policy and quality objectives
  • Ensure continuous Improvement



Our Vision


Keep our leadership position worldwide through the production of fishing nets and keep a strong penetration in key and new markets.


Our Mission 


To provide our customers with products and services that adapts and meets their needs and continue with the policy of innovation and up-grade of products in our product range. 


Our Quality Policy


The Quality Policy of Euronete Fishing is the continuous satisfaction of our customers’ expectations and motivation of our employees. The Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group (RLEG) exists for over than 200 years and stands out for being a company of excellence that: 

  • Creating long-lasting value for its shareholders
  • Being a responsible employer for its employees also by providing opportunities for personal development 
  • Being a contributing part of the community.
The corporate culture of RLEG strives for being open, demanding for professionalism, efficiency with an innovative approach, respectful for applicable regulations and legislation and focusing on results. 
Test Equipment
Breaking test machines:
  • 1 ton capacity
  • 100 ton capacity
  • 500 ton capacity
  • 1 200 tons capacity
Shrinkage test equipment
Abrasion test machine for: 
  • Ropes and Twines
  • Monofilament and multifilaments 
Twist tester
Health, Safety and Environment Policy
Safety of the people is a constant concern of the Company as a key factor for the development of their business. This commitment involves the improvement of the conditions of Health, Safety and Environment at Work and compliance with applicable law, guided by the following principles:
  • Compliance with the rules of Health, Safety and Environment implemented in the company 
  • Ensure the necessary measures and means of prevention and protection in order to prevent accidents and to minimise the effects if occurring. 
  • Promote actions of information in the area of Health and Safety, encouraging employees to ensure for their security. 
  • Disseminate the rules established at all levels of the company as well as external staff, who will work to ensure compliance with the best practices of Occupational Health and Safety



It is the aim of the Group to keep the leadership position achieved in different market segments by continuously meeting the needs and expectation of its customers, by the commitment of its staff and by promoting whenever possible partnership with the main suppliers, focusing on having an innovative approach not only for products but also in all aspects of the organisation. 


The Group has defined a Green Policy Document committing itself to meet the needs of the customers and consumers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner by continuously improving its environmental performance. 


A well implement quality system represents an important tool for the assessment of the organisation environment, for a correct awareness of its strengths and weaknesses and to provide guidance for continuous improvement, not only internally but also in relation with all stakeholders, permitting a strategic vision of the business, a balanced use of the resources and facilitating a good level of motivation for all involved. 


The top management of the group actively supports the importance of maintaining a common quality assurance system acting as a guiding principle across the organization, regardless of the division. The merge of the operating companies in Portugal represents a step forward to the alignment of the quality system of the divisions MORD, Yarns, Fishing and pure into one system, with the purpose of providing an organizational co-operation structure facilitator of synergies and an environment in which every person’s responsibilities is clearly defined and performances easily measurable. 


Worldwide Offices
North America South America Europe

Lankhorst Euronete Portugal

Rua da Cerfil (Cap. Gramaxo)

PO Box 1029 4471-909

Maia Portugal

Tel: +351 229 619 200 Fax: +351 229 605 757

E-mail: sales@grupoeuronete.pt

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Le Drezen

12, Kélareun Léchiagat – Tréffiagat

B.P. 46 29730 Le Guilvinec


Tel: +33 (0)2 98 58 10 54 Fax : +33 (0)2 98 58 93 33

E-mail: info@ledrezen.com

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13-15 rue des Sardiniers ZI Du Moros

29900 Concraneau


Tel: +33 (0) 2 98 97 00 10 Fax: +33 (0) 2 98 50 84 78

E-mail: contact@cobremap.fr

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Euronete Scandinavia

Karetmagervej 9

7000 Fredericia


Tel: 00 45 75 95 45 77


Ymuiden Stores

Trawlerkade 42- 44 1976 CB

P.O. Box 207 1970 AE

Ymuiden - Holland

Tel: + 31 - (0)255-519122 Fax: + 31 - (0)255-531716

E-mail: info@ymuidenstores.nl

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Euronete UK Aberdeen and Fraseburgh

Froghall Road

Aberdeen - AB24 3JL

ScotlandUnited Kingdom

Tel: +44 (01224) 626365 Fax: +44 (01224) 647603

E-mail: sales@euronete.co.uk

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North America
United States

Euro Fishing Gear USA

84 Gifford Street

New Bedford, Ma 02744


Tel: (508) 999-3540 Fax: (508) 993-8964

E-mail: eurogear@comcast.net

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South America

Euronete Sudamericana Chile

Blanco Encalada, 701, Recinto Portuário – Talcahuano – Chile

Tef/Fax: 0056 (41) 2920796

Cel: 0056 (09) 96407279

E-mail: comercialch@euronetesud.com.uy

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Euronete Sudamericana SA

Cuareim 1944 - Montevideo - Uruguay

Tel: 00598 - 29242729 Fax: 00598 - 29245877

Cel: 0056 (09) 96407279

E-mail: comercialch@euronetesud.com.uy

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Australia and New Zealand

Lankhorst Euronete Australia

2 John Duncan Court Varsity Lakes QLD 4227

Tef/Fax: 0056 (41) 2920796

Tel: 07 5593 4661 Fax: 07 5593 5709

E-mail: sales@leaustralia.com.au

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Lankhorst Euronete India Private Limited

Phase-IIB, Plot NO:S74

Verna Industrial Estate, Verna,

Goa - 403 722, India

E-mail: elliot_menezes@yahoo.com

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