EURALPACT® - Euronete keeps setting the pace in Trawl Wire Rope Technology

Euralpact® trawl wire rope, using Euronete’s proprietary wire coating technology, continues to see an increasing demand from the market. Unlike traditional 100% zinc-coated (a.k.a. galvanized) wire rope, Euralpact® trawl wire rope has its individual wires coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminum. The result is a coating layer that is up to three times more resistant to fatigue (from bending and crushing) and corrosion.



Apart from the coating layer, Euralpact® is no different form Euronete’s 100% zinc-coated (e.g. galvanized) and long-time workhorse, Europact®. The construction in all its facets is the same, providing the already unrivalled life-time experience in both bottom and pelagic trawling. But the optimized coating further boosts the performance of the rope, reason for which recently again a number of both bottom and pelagic vessels have decided to switch to Euralpact®.


Euronete’s Jeroen Dorenbusch, who also runs its Ymuiden-based distribution center in The Netherlands, refers to a few nice examples recently: “One of our long-time Murmansk-based customers, its pelagic fleet had already adopted Euralpact for fishing in West African waters. The bottom fleet was still mostly on Europact, but last month we have delivered 2 sets of Euralpact® to the fleet fishing the Barents Sea.” At the same time, Euronete reports to have sold a few sets to 2 seperate Kaliningrad-based companies, who based on positive reports from various captains, have decided to bring both Euralpact® and Europact® onbaord their fleet, as well as closing a contract for a fleet of 7 freezer trawlers operating out of Las Palmas, that changed from all-galvanized to all-Euralpact® after having extensively tested the performance of it in the past 2 years.


Dorenbusch is strong in his belief both the Europact® and Euralpact® range, sets the bar in trawl wire rope technology, referencing to another nice example: “Last week we were asked to change a set of Europact® on a freezer trawler operated by one of our Dutch customers. The vessel had its previous set of 34MM Europact® installed in August 2016 has been fishing almost continuously since. And when we scheduled the timing for the change, the customer came back and told us to hold it off for another while, as the fishing plans had changed and the captain without any doubt would keep the current ropes in use for a few more rounds of catches. A great example of the performance and trust we put in and customers get out of our ropes”.


Both Euralpact® and Europact® are available from stock in common diameter and lengths, and can otherwise be produced to desired length on short notice. 


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