Euronete - Not only trawl gear...

Did you ever know that Euronete, the Portuguese full line fishing gear supplier, also produces complete tuna purse seine nets, apart from netting, rope and steel wire rope used for trawling?



Euronete has been involved in Tuna fisheries for several decades. And a few years back, the company started the design and manufacture of complete Tuna Purse seine nets out of its Portuguese operations. Relying on a vast experience on the tuna industry, stemming amongst others from the ANZA days, its Le Drezen subsidiary in France and the relevant tuna industry relationships the company holds through its sister company Oliveira (famous for its Super Yellow Fin® tuna purse seine rope), the company has managed to design, produce and sell a good amount of complete purse seine nets over the past 5 years.


The success of Euronete’s purse seine net design comes from both the use of novel designs of the netting, as well as from a number of changes in the design of the entire system. Apart from thousands of labor hours per net, the Euronete design has been worked on relentlessly for the past few years by its engineers. “Two weeks back we shipped a purse seine net to Las Palmas, that will be used onboard of one of Spain’s leading vessels. It incorporates a number of design changes aimed at efficiency and durability. The final design was tested on scale and proved itself for the full 100% and will hit the water fishing in the next few days”, Ben Wensink, R&D engineer in charge of the project explains.

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