The Royal Lankhorst Euronete group was founded in 1803, in Sneek, the Netherlands. 
Over the course of 200 years, it has become:
  • One of Europe’s largest rope manufacturers
  • The largest producer of fish netting in the world
  • One of Europe’s market leaders in plastics recycling
  • The Netherlands’ largest distributor of yachting equipment
  • The producer of the world’s strongest polypropylene
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Brief history of Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group BV
In 1803 a young man named Nicolaas Jurjan Lankhorst, married into a family that owned a small factory manufacturing ropes and netting and started “Lankhorst Touwfabrieken”, already in 1964 Captain Gramaxo founded his company, which later became Grupo Euronete Ltd. 
In 1998 the two companies joined and merged into the Lankhorst Euronete group BV which later in 2003, on the occasion of the group’s bicentennial anniversary, Her Majesty the Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands granted the company by Royal Warrant the predicate “Royal”. 
Recently, and after the acquisition and incorporation of several enterprises, the group has a leader position in the international markets of ropes, netting, industrial and technical yarns, recycled plastic and products and sailing and nautical accessories. The different activities within the market created the necessity of the organization of the group in six distinct divisions: 
Maritime & Offshore Rope Division – Production of specialized ropes for the maritime industry and offshore mooring.
Yarn Division – Production and development of technical and industrial yarns for agriculture and horticulture, artificial grass, fences, geo-textiles and others. 
Pure Composites Division – production and applications of PURE®, a self-reinforced composite material of polypropylene of high hardness, low weight, impact resistance and 100% recyclable, uses include: automotive, construction, ballistic protection, among others.
Euronete Fishing Division – Headed by Euronete, this division is oriented to the fishing industry.
Engineered Products Division – production and technological development of high quality products based on recycled plastics for applications in heavy industry, offshore oil and gas, pavements, parks, marinas and storage systems.
Yachting Division – marketing of a wide range of over 10,000 products and accessories for marine vessels
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