Super 12® Double braided
Super 12® Double braided

Super 12® Double braided has an impregnated and stabilized 12 braids construction, which are also braided individually, therefore allowing a higher resistance to abrasion and at the same time a higher structural rigidness that improves its operation as well as splicing.


This rope has been specially designed for manufacturing the mesh of mid water trawl nets, mainly in the area of the mouth of the net, where the tension resulting from the fishing operation is greater and where elasticity of Super12® is a great advantage. The material and manufacturing of Super12® enables the absorption of energy from the strong force of traction related to fishing large volumes, typical in midwater fishing of Patagonina grenadier or yellow tail fish. The Super12® Net Twines is a 12-strand Nylon product that has an in-house developed coating and braided that stands for high resistance against abrasion.


Some of the characteristics of Super 12® Double braided include:

  • Braided strands, Stabilised and impregnated to improve abrasion properties
  • Perfect diameter stability
  • Easy to handle and splice


This material is supplied in natural colour or with three markers (red, green or blue) in plastic reels of around 24.0 kg. 


It is produced in the following twine references: 

Diameter (mm)Weight (g/m) Breaking Strength (kN)

Figures shown are for guidance purposes only, Euronete cannot be held liable for deviations. We reserve the right to change them without prior notice.


Material: Nylon

Chemical resistance: Good

Specific gravity: 1.14

Breaking load (wet): 85-90%

Abrasion resistance: Very Good

UV resistance: Good

Water absorption: 4%

Construction: 12 strands

Melting point: 218 OC




Colour: White 

Markers: Red, Blue or Green 

Sold in Spools of 25 kg 



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