Production of uncertified products under the name Premium® and Euroline®

Euronete is a company recognized by its innovation and quality, investing strongly on the research and development of it products.


As a result of this work, Euronete owns today a wide range of twines and nets of renewed quality which trades under the brands of “Premium® and/or Euroline®”.


Such products and marks are patented, reason why only Euronete (or its authorized agents) can produce or trade them.


It came to our knowledge that unknown quality of these products is being offered in the market as being “Premium®" and “Euroline®” brands or as very similar products.


This is an unacceptable competition practice and is causing huge damages on our commercial image. We are, therefore, taking measures to make the transgressors judicially responsible and to catch and destroy all the counterfeit products, which will be found.

The purchase of these products is also forbidden and those acquiring them can be turned responsible.


Hence and because we wish to avoid you to be molested with this situation, we want to call your attention for the fact that the counterfeit and suspicious quality products are in the market, and in case you wish to acquire products under the brand “Premium®” and “Euroline®” you should assure yourselves they are genuine.


We are available to clarify any doubts you may have on our products, please contact us via e-mail patente@grupoeuronete.pt or telephone +351 229 619 200. 

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