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One of the main objectives with which the WireCo Group's fishing division works, through Euronete, is the constant search for new products and new solutions that help its clients obtain the most efficient results in the world of industrial fishing and aquaculture.

A team of three specialized engineers study, develop and test all new products and all new solutions.

It is a job, says the company, made in close collaboration with our commercial department, always focused on the market and its needs.


Among the latest innovations developed by the company is the special impregnation applied to purse seines that guarantees a better resistance to abrasion; a braided nylon network with no knot Tunacross- net with better load and resistance to opening, compared to knotted net; The Euroglow, a rope and net with luminous material that shines in the dark with excellent results in the cages of capture of shellfish.


The company has also recently launched NF (Non Floating) ropes and nets with Stone Fiber to replace lead; Eurosteel Plus braided rope with pre-stretch treatment that removes construction elongation and minimizes permanent stretching; The Eurodata, the sonar cable that transmits the information from the sensor to the fishing net.


The environmental dimension is another of the work areas of Wireco, bearing in mind that contamination by plastics is one of the great challenges facing the fishing industry today. "The key to success is to ensure that the waste from the old networks is brought to the ground to be recycled," they explain from the group.


One of the companies of the conglomerate Lankhorst Engineered Products, has produced picnic tables of recycled plastics from old networks.


"This is a very important step to alert and change mentalities in the world of fishing and show that old networks can have a second life, lasting and sustainable."


“extracted from the spanish fishing magazine “IP-Industrias Pesqueras Revista Maritima” nº 241 January 2019” 


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