EURONETE participation on NetTag project

Eurone is participating on NetTagProject.

The NetTag project aims to reduce and prevent marine litter derived from fisheries by working directly with fishers integrative preventive approach.


  • Scope

•       European Research Project.

•       Sustainable Blue Economy program: Marine Litter.

•       NetTag - Tagging fishing gears and enhancing on board best-practices to promote waste free fisheries.

•       Study on Portugal, Galician and Great Britain seashore.


  • Goal

•       Developing “affordable” acoustic tags to be placed on existing netting to track and collect them.

•       Reduce and prevent  marine litter derived from fisheries by reducing lost gears through new technologies to track fishing gears to help fishermen localize and recover their lost gears; and  prevent the production of marine litter by awareness activities organized by fishermen associations to foster and implement best-practices on board for garbage waste.


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