Living in the shadow of Euronetes success

Euronete is recognized by its constant investment in R&D resulting in a full range of innovative and quality products. As a result of this work, we own today a wide range of products under registered brands. Some of which are patented, reason why only Euronete, its Distribution Centres and authorized Agents can produce or trade them.


It came to our knowledge that there is strong evidence that Tysons from Grimsby are offering their customers a copy of Euronete’s Eurosteel rope. This rope looks exactly as the white Eurosteel produced within the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group, but instead, it is produced in a factory in Korea.


Any rope offered to our partners or customers from Tysons that looks the same as or is referred to the same as Eurosteel rope is definitely not from our Group. Euronete and any of its Distribution Centres will not sell white Eurosteel pot rope to Tysons. It is extremely important that this fact is made very clear to all fishermen when they are buying pot ropes. We must not allow this copy to be sold as our brand.


White Eurosteel Pot Rope has established its position in the market since it was originally developed in 1997. It is well known throughout the industry as the market leader for pot rope in the UK. It is very disappointing to see that Tysons have decided to lower their profile by attempting to create more business for their company from the success of our product and sales effort.


Euronete is available to clarify you in any doubts you may have on all our products.


For more information please contact us at patent@lankhorsteuronete.pt

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